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Jun Liang

Teaching Associate Professor

Department of Geography at UNC-CH

218 Carolina Hall, CB 3220

Chapel Hill, NC, 27599



Ph.D. Geography, University of Cincinnati (2001)

M.S. in Geographic Information Systems, Institute of Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems, Peking Univ. (1997)

B.S. in Geography, Nanjing University, Nanjing, P.R.China (1992)


I have been teaching GIS and GPS courses since 2003 in geography department. Courses I taught include:

Geog370 – Introduction to Geographic Information

Geog491 – Introduction to Geographic Information Science

Geog591 – Urban GIS Applications

Geog592 – Introduction to Geographic Information Science Programming

Geog594 – Introduction to Global Positioning Systems


I am an Urban geographer, with focus on GIS applications, remote sensing applications, and visualizations. I am interested in applying computer technologies in geographic research, including data modeling, data mining, spatial simulation, and Internet Map publishing.

More and more decision-making processes are depending on computers, whether government level planning, business market analysis, or individuals’ travel plans. Remote sensing and GIS technologies have been adopted and used by public rapidly. Back in 20 years ago, no one can imagine this picture – drivers follow the instructions from a GPS unit, and bus riders can tell where is the next bus, and when it is arriving.

The information flow – from advanced hardware to general public is smooth and quicker than before. Spatial information is not an exception.